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Have fun with your food!!!

Things you may not know about math!

A fun and easy thought to ponder next time you eat pizza!

Everybody loves pie but there is one kind of Pi that remains elusive to lovers of math. That is that Pi can go on  calculating into eternity and never find a pattern or reach the end. So we just call it 3.142.But Pi isn’t just connected with circles. For example, the probability that any two whole numbers among a random collection are “relatively prime” with no common factor is equal to 6 over Pi squared. Pi even enters into Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle; the equation that defines how precisely we can know the state of the universe.

Look at it this way.

You multiply Pi multiplied by the radius squared to find the area and multiply area by height to find the volume, That means the volume of a pizza that has a nominal radius of (z) and height (a) will, of course, be: Pi × z × z × a

If you have a pizza with radius "z" and thickness "a", its volume is Pi(z*z)a  : funny